CBD Flower Uses

CBD Flower Uses

September 15, 2021

CBD flower, as the name would suggest, is the flower of the hemp plant which contains the CBD cannabinoid. While CBD flower may look and smell like marijuana, they’re not the same thing. CBD flower is non-psychoactive just like other CBD products, meaning it won’t get you “high” like marijuana containing THC will. CBD flower is the most natural form of CBD, as it’s not processed at all - the flowers are simply harvested and cured, then they’re ready for use! CBD is an all-natural treatment for many common ailments including anxiety, depression, insomnia, epilepsy, pain relief, arthritis, and more! If you’re interested in trying CBD flower or any other form of CBD, check out our online store!

What Is The Difference Between CBD Flower And Marijuana?

There are many differences between CBD flower and marijuana flower that contains THC. These two different types of flower have totally different chemical makeups - resulting in the marijuana flower making you “high” when smoked, and the CBD flower being non-psychoactive. Another difference is their legality: CBD flower is completely legal to buy and use in all 50 states, while recreational use of marijuana or THC flower is still illegal in many states. One more difference is their look - while the two types of flower look similar, CBD flower is usually reddish-green while THC flower is usually a purplish color. 


How To Use CBD Flower

CBD flower can be used in a few different ways, and can be used to treat a multitude of different ailments. The most common way to use CBD flower is to smoke or vape it. Smoking CBD flower involves burning it in a pipe or bowl, while vaporizing CBD flower is done by heating up the flower to a certain temperature to the point where it vaporizes but doesn’t combust. This is usually done by using a vaporizer or vape that’s made specifically for flower. The other way to use CBD flower is by baking it into edibles. For this method, there are thousands of different recipes online that will direct you on how to do this. CBD flower is a great all-natural treatment for a slew of diseases and disorders including anxiety, depression, pain relief, acne, insomnia, epilepsy, and much more.

Contact CBD Pros!

If you have any questions about CBD flower or how to use it, feel free to contact CBD Pros where a member of our team would be happy to help! If you’re ready to give CBD flower or any other form of CBD a try, check out our full selection of top-quality CBD products on our online store!

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