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CBD for Sports Anxiety

CBD for Sports Anxiety

October 14, 2021

It's natural to feel anxious before a sporting event, or a game, especially if you're performing in front of a crowd. Performance as an athlete can be adversely affected by anxiety before and during athletic competitions. As you become tenser, it becomes increasingly difficult to coordinate movements necessary for athletic events.

Although it is helpful to worry about how you perform during competitions, lingering anxiety may cause serious harm to your performances as an athlete. Various ways can be used to try and address anxiety before a game, but one effective method for doing this is using CBD.

CBD and Performance Anxiety

Despite how hard and well they have trained, many sportspeople and athletes are affected by performance anxiety, negatively impacting them. Currently, CBD is causing waves among athletes, who claim benefits ranging from quicker recovery from injuries to better sleep and reduced pain. 

In addition, CBD has been shown to lessen anxiety in human populations that aren't athletes. The effectiveness of CBD may even be increased if combined with psychological interventions such as cognitive-behavioral therapy.

Researchers also found that CBD was unlikely to affect either physical or mental function negatively after evaluating clinical trials that investigated the impact of CBD on cognitive and psychomotor functions.

CBD Impact on Athletic Performance

Aside from handling stress, athletes are also interested in searching for supplements or drugs that could help enhance their performance while keeping themselves compliant with international rules and regulations.  

CBD is a reliable alternative to various drugs, and the World Anti-Doping Agency has approved it. Athletes are allowed to use CBD products because they offer a number of benefits, including reducing pain and inflammation, yet do not carry the risks of some other drugs.

Benefits of CBD Products on Athletes

There are a number of positive aspects attached to using CBDs. As stated earlier, many of these benefits are based on research, and there is still a lot to be discovered. These benefits include:

  • CBD can be used for offsetting anxiety and depression.
  • CBD can be used for the treatment of opioid addiction.
  • CBD can be used to reduce pain and inflammation related to athletic injuries.
  • CBD can be used to alleviate the symptoms of arthritis. 
  • CBD can be used to protect a person from neurological diseases.


It's safe for athletes to use CBD to relieve anxiety. Unlike cannabis, CBD does not pose an addiction risk for its users.