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How Can Delta-8 THC* Gummies Help With Aches, Pains, & Anxiety?

How Can Delta-8 THC* Gummies Help With Aches, Pains, & Anxiety?

August 24, 2021

CBD’s popularity for treating symptoms of a number of disorders has grown massively in recent years. Indeed, CBD, or cannabidiol, has been shown to alleviate pain, nausea, stress, and more. However, while CBD’s acceptance is holding firm, a new hemp product is making waves in the consumer market. Delta 8 THC is the latest natural treatment for health complaints. Keep reading to find out more about what Delta 8 THC is and how Delta 8 THC gummies can help with aches, pains, and anxiety.

What is Delta 8?

Delta 8 is a naturally occurring chemical compound found in the hemp plant. Unlike Delta 9 THC, the form of tetracannabidiol responsible for the “high” felt after marijuana use, Delta 8 is not prohibited by federal law. It is much less potent than Delta 9 as far as psychoactive effects are concerned, but its power to help lessen aches, pains, and anxiety is promising.

Like THC and CBD, Delta 8 can be taken as an oil or gummies, though the chewy candy is a clear favorite. Here’s how Delta 8 gummies can help with a variety of symptoms.


Delta 8 has analgesic properties, meaning that it helps to relieve pain. As it circulates the body through the bloodstream, these properties act to reduce inflammation anywhere in the body. Less inflammation means less pain in muscles and joints.


Like other cannabidiols found in hemp, Delta 8 is an anxiolytic – it helps reduce symptoms of stress and anxiety by influencing the fear response. People who consume Delta 8 report feeling calmer and more focused. Additionally, Delta 8 doesn’t seem to illicit the infamous paranoia felt by some marijuana users.


Chronic nausea and vomiting from cancer treatment, gastrointestinal disorders, or even anxiety can be alleviated by Delta 8. As an antiemetic, the compound binds to cannabinoid receptors in the digestive system to manage the sensation of nausea.


Loss of appetite could occur for many reasons, like stress, anxiety, serious health issues, or medical treatment. Delta 8 THC will stimulate the appetite, just like its Delta 9 version. So, along with offering relief from nausea, Delta 8 could prove to be a significant medical intervention for patients who struggle to keep up their strength through nutritious foods.


Though the science is new, studies have shown that Delta 8 has the potential to reduce the size of various tumors. The studies have only been performed on mice so far, but the results are promising.

Brain Health

Many users of Delta 8 gummies experience a “focused high” after taking them. The neuroprotective qualities of the compound may be responsible for this feeling, and for the long-term effects, like better memory, clearer thinking, and neuroplasticity. Better neuroplasticity, the brain’s ability to change and adapt, can reduce anxiety, stress, and depression.



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