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What Are The Benefits of CBD?

What Are The Benefits of CBD?

July 19, 2021

CBD oils, gummies, tinctures, and other products are quickly gaining popularity, especially with people looking for holistic, non-pharmaceutical treatment for various conditions and symptoms. As popularity grows, more and more studies are being done to verify the benefits and uses of this naturally occurring chemical. Here’s what you need to know about CBD and its benefits.

What is CBD Oil?

CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is a substance that occurs naturally in the marijuana and hemp plants, along with over 100 other cannabinoids, including THC. THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, is the compound responsible for feeling “high” after using marijuana. CBD doesn’t have those psychoactive properties, so you won’t get the same feeling.

CBD oil is created by extracting and refining CBD from the plant. It can be eaten, smoked, or used topically after it has been processed.


There are many claims about CBD's uses, but only a few are backed up by science. Luckily, researchers have found a few incredible benefits that CBD has to offer.

  1. Can Reduce Cancer-Related Symptoms

Cancer and cancer treatment can lead to pain, nausea, and vomiting in thousands of patients every year. These issues can be tough to treat and feel almost unavoidable. However, in recent years, researchers have been studying CBD as a treatment for these cancer-related symptoms. CBD shows real promise in reducing the severity of the symptoms. What’s more, some studies have found that CBD may actually have anti-cancer properties and might be able to actively kill cancer cells.

  1. Pain Relief

CBD interacts with our naturally occurring endocannabinoid system. When the system’s receptors are activated, they send signals to stop inflammation. CBD can activate those receptors within the endocannabinoid system when it is ingested or absorbed through the skin. Studies have shown CBD’s potential for reducing severe pain, like sciatic nerve inflammation, migraines, and even multiple sclerosis.

  1. Helps With Anxiety and Depression

One of the best benefits of CBD is in the area of mental health. Anxiety and depression can become debilitating and challenging to treat. Pharmaceuticals can be unpredictable, addictive, and come with a host of unpleasant side effects. CBD has shown the ability to mitigate the symptoms of anxiety and depression without the side effects that often come with prescription medications.

  1. May Improve Acne

You might think that acne is just a problem for adolescents, but adult acne is a pretty common condition. Many factors might cause acne, like oily skin, inflammation, infection, or genetics. Recent studies have shown that CBD may be able to treat acne by reducing inflammation and curbing the production of sebum, the secretion that makes your skin feel oily.

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