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CBD Pros 1g Delta-8 Pre-Rolls


1g Pre-Roll
Top shelf: Delta-8 Infused + Coated in CBD Kief
Middle shelf: Delta-8 Infused

Our Delta-8 infused flowers are rich in a variety of terpenes & infused with Delta-8 distillate which has been added using advanced infusion techniques that yield one of the most consistent and clean products on the market. Each puff of our Delta-8 Pre-Rolls supply you with a naturally full spectrum hemp experience. These products are meant to be enjoyed responsibly with those 21+.

Sativa Dominant

Frosted Lime


Bubba Kush

Gorilla Glue

Indica Dominant

Skywalker OG

Collections: Delta-8 + Delta-10, Flower, Products

Type: Flowers

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