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CBD Pros 3.5g Delta-8 Flower


3.5g or 1/8th
Delta-8 Infused

Relax, unwind, and enjoy an extensive variety of the finest terpene-rich hemp flowers available. Incorporating our proprietary Delta-8 infusion process, each strain we offer is infused with full spectrum Delta-8 THC. Each time you use this product you'll be supplied with a naturally full spectrum hemp experience including Delta-8 THC. This product is meant to be enjoyed responsibly by those 21+.

Sativa Dominant

Diesel Fuel: 15.0% CBD | 7.8% D8

Frosted Lime: 11.59% CBD | 22.14% D8

Pineapple Haze: 11% CBD | 17.11% D8

Indica Dominant

Skywalker OG: 20.3% CBD | 13.4% D8

Wedding Cake: 10.63% CBD | 21.50% D8

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Type: Flowers